In our busy, modern world, some pets can experience anxiety. Compression has been scientifically proven to reduce this stress response. The unique patented design of the Canine Calm Coat applies constant and even pressure to the chest region of the dog. Our Merino wool Calm Coats offer a natural, drug-free aid to relaxation, for your anxious pet. 

Unique Features

  • Designed  in Christchurch, NZ
  • Made from 100% luxurious Merino Wool
  • Tested on anxious Christchurch animals, post earthquake.
  • Drug free calming
  • Unique Patented design
  • Comfortable for your dog i.e. no buckles/belts
  • Breathable fabric for all year use
  • Wool, so low odour retention
  • Machine washable
  • Compression garment
  • Natural and affordable

Beneficial Uses
  • Elderly dogs
  • Stressed or anxious dogs
  • Separation anxiety e.g. dogs left home alone
  • Kennel stays
  • Vet visits
  • Groomer visits
  • Car journeys
  • Earthquakes
  • Fireworks
  • Thunder storms
  • Moving house
  • New babies in the family
  • Post operatively
  • New Puppies
  • night time
The Canine Calm Coat comes in four sizes  XS- Large and is suitable for all dogs and can even be worn by cats.


  • Place Coat over dogs head with T-piece hanging down.Smooth coat flat along the back of the dog.
  • Pass the T-piece between the front legs and fasten the short arm of the belt to the body Velcro on the left side.
  • Hold the short arm steady against the dog's body and apply firm and even tension to the long arm. Wrap the belt up and over the back and fasten to the   adjustable Velcro.  Check the coat is sitting straight between the forelegs and smooth out any wrinkles.

Please also refer to the Sizing drop down menu.