Our Story

The Dog Coat Company began with a hug; which inspired us to create and patent our Merino Compression garment, (the Canine Calm Coat) as a drug free solution to relieve the post earthquake anxiety in ‘Poppy’ Becky’s Dalmatian. Many stressed dogs from all over New Zealand, have now benefited from the soothing power of compression this garment provides and we have a wonderful collection of positive success stories, since we created the coat in 2012.

 From these humble beginnings, among the post earthquake rubble, together with our passion for gorgeous fabrics and traditional quality, we have now expanded into a boutique range of stunning dog coats professionally manufactured in Christchurch, which not only meet the Winter needs of cherished canines, but also appeal to the owners’ sense of style and appreciation for quality.


We are very excited about this year's range of beautiful woolen dog coats, designed for warmth, comfort and style, and made with pride in New Zealand


We take time to choose fabrics that are:-

  • Natural, providing superior breathability.
  • Durable, and long lasting. 
  • Biodegradable, so better for the environment.
  • Luxurious and stylish.
  • Functional and comfortable.



Video of how the Canine Calm Coat can soothe an anxious dog